Our Graduates Nia King

The College of Biological Science is very proud of our graduates and what they have accomplished. Below is just a small glimpse at what some of our graduates are now doing and what they say about their experience at the University of Guelph. 

Nia King - BSc (Hons), Biomedical Science and Winegard Medal Recipient

"When you step onto Guelph campus, there's some kind of indescribable energy that just makes you smile. Whether it be that students camped out in front of the cannon waiting until nightfall so they can crack out their pant and give it a fresh coat, a guide-dog-in-training puppy frolicking in the snow, or the preschoolers from the on-campus childcare facility trudging through the library in their massive snowsuits giving out good luck cards during the winter exam season, it's pretty hard not to love this place. What makes it even more special however, is that in addition to the amazing campus and town, we also have academic programs that allow you to explore various fields, undergraduate research opportunities that encourage you to ask questions, amazing hands-on courses that allow you to learn about the human body from an entirely new perspective, and perhaps most importantly, professors and advisors who will take time out of their days to answer any questions or concerns, whether they be course- or life-related. Throughout our undergrad we are constantly encouraged to approach our professors for advice or if we are interested in their work-- having taken advantage of this opportunity, I found myself in rural Kenya researching the health impacts of a school feeding program during my first summer, the Arctic to look at acute gastrointestinal illness in Inuit communities during my second summer, and now, as a graduated research assistant, will be travelling to Uganda this year to examine food security. All of this was possible due to the combination of the solid foundation established by the core courses in my first two years, followed by the relative freedom provided during the last two years. From independent studies in international development, to neurochemical bases of behaviour, to pharmacology, I was able to sample, and then specialize if desired, from a wide range of subjects. I am therefore exiting university with a variety of learning experiences from both inside and outside the classroom, that have allowed me to truly reflect on what I would like to do in the coming years. I truly believe that it is not one, but all of these factors combined, that sets Guelph apart.

 The motto "Changing Lives, Improving Life" really does ring true. "