Which elective should I take?

There are different types of electives. Electives are just that - what you elect (or choose) to take as your other courses. All science majors require students to take a certain number of Arts or Social Science electives. This is your chance to take something outside the B.Sc. program. There is a long list of acceptable Arts or Social Science courses from Art History and Economics, through to Music, Psychology, Sociology and Languages.

Within certain majors, restricted electives may be needed (these are considered requirements for the major). Restricted Electives are usually a list of courses whereby you must complete a certain number of courses from the list. You still have a choice, but this choice is restricted to the courses on the list. You can view major specific restricted electives in the Undergraduate Calendar under each major.

There are also free electives. As the name implies, these are open electives that you must complete however you chose which elective you will complete. You have the choice of science, arts, social science, business, management, communication etc to fulfill this requirement. The number of free electives available varies among majors.