What can you tell me about majors?

At the University of Guelph we have 27 different majors to choose from in the B.Sc. degree program (2020/21). These cover the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathemaical, environmental and other science subject areas. Please see our programs section to view all the different majors offered by the College of Biological Science. 

All of our majors take essentially the same set of core courses in first year (there are some minor differences between some majors), so this means that you have the flexibility to switch majors within the Bachelor of Science quite easily. Changing majors is very common. Our most flexible and most popular majors are the Biological Science and Physical Science majors. Both of these majors allow you to tailor a program to your interests. Within these majors you have many opportunities to take courses from a wide variety of different science subject areas to build a major all your own.