Remote Teaching Pathway

Following the unprecedented shift to online teaching during Winter 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, COESP surveyed teachers and students to find out what worked and what could be improved. Listening to our students, we heard that they miss face-to-face classes, both for the engagement with their instructors and the routine afforded by attending class. Based on our data, we offer a Pathway below to help create similar opportunities in an online setting.

Going forward, a return to the classroom may include remote components, therefore, we also offer below a concise overview of teaching modalities that combine face-to-face and remote opportuniites.  

Finally, our Pathway inspired us to develop and organize a plethora of resources and events centered on helping you navigate Remote Teaching. We welcome you to access and utilize these resoruces, compiled within our COESP Remote Teaching Handbook.

As always, please contact COESP to support you along your Pathway!

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