COESP Course Improvement Grants

COESP Course Improvement Grants


Description: This grant provides support to improve and develop courses in CBS in ways that enhance student learning, course delivery and methods to assess the outcomes of the course.

Applicants – Full-time staff, sessionals, and full-time faculty from the College of Biological Science are eligible to apply.  Teaching teams are permitted. Approval from the Departmental Chair is required.

Expenses – Course development and improvement can involve a wide range of costs. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to: salaries, technology purchase or rental, software, computing costs.
Travel costs are not eligible.  Please apply to the COESP Conference Travel Awards for travel support.

A COESP Course Improvement Grant can cover up to a maximum of $2000 in costs.

In each year, $10000 is available for these grants.

Only ONE Course Improvement Grant may be held by a CBS instructor in each granting cycle (1 year).
This level of support was chosen based on the cost of paying one undergraduate minimum wage for 10 h / week for 16 weeks on a semester, although other costs for the Course Improvement grants can be justified for other costs (see examples above). 

Method and Deadline of Application:
Apply by submitting a completed application form online by August 2, 2019.

The application will consist of the following sections in the online applications:

Title of the grant

Applicant contact information

Short summary of the grant (600 characters) suitable for social media sharing

Grant request (4500 characters)

  • The context of the course, its goals and outcomes
  • A clear description of proposed course improvement
    • A clear description of the need for support
  • How the course improvement is intended to enhance student learning, course delivery, or outcome assessment methods
  • Significance of the improvement
    • A clear plan for how the improvement might be sustainable

Timeline and Budget Justification (3000 characters)

  • An itemized list of costs associated with the proposal
  • A timeline for the expenditure of the funds within ONE calendar year (September – September)
    • Named or proposed research personnel
    • Plan for their involvement in the research

Statement of the applicant(s) interest and experience with teaching and learning

Approval of the Proposal signature page with the Chair’s signature:  Find the Signature Page in the ATTACHED FILE

Proposal Review Process
Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of peers led by the Director of the COESP.  Members of the committee will include 2 other faculty member selected on their past experience with course design and innovation.

Applications will be judged based on justification of support need, significance, feasibility and sustainability of the proposed improvements.

Successful applicants are required to participate in communicating the story of their improvement and the results of that improvement at the University of Guelph (TLI conferences and / or COESP-sponsored events), acknowledging the support of the COESP.  Successful applicants also agree to the promotion of their improvement through COESP social media outlets including permission to publish a short summary of the plan. A final report addressing the goals of the improvement is required at the end of the granting cycle.


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