The COESP BioEd Graduate Student Award

The COESP BioEd Graduate Student Award 

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We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the annual COESP BioEd Graduate Student Award!

The COESP BioEd Graduate Student Award is intended to recognize excellence in biology education research performed by graduate students in the College of Biological Science at the University of Guelph. The winner must present their biology education research in an award seminar that is of interest to a wide audience including fellow faculty, staff, and students. This year, the COESP BioEd Graduate Student Award Seminar is scheduled in the late summer or early fall, where the winner will also be presented with a $500 honorarium paid by the COESP and an award certificate.

*Eligible students include those registered as a graduate student within CBS in Fall 2019-present.*

The topic of the seminar must align with some, or part of, the mission and values of the COESP. 

The mission of the COESP is to support and promote: 1) evidence-based practice, 2) learning outcomes development and assessment, and 3) biology higher education research.  The COESP values include being: 1) inclusive, 2) accessible, 3) responsive, and 4) evidence-based.  Please see the COESP website page “About the COESP” for more information.

Please fill out the Qualtrics application form here:

Application forms must include:

  1. Seminar Title
  2. Seminar Learning Outcomes  (up to 3)
  3. Seminar Abstract (max 200 words) – provide an overview of the seminar; will be used for advertisement
  4. Seminar Description (max 400 words)
    1. relevance and importance of topic to teaching and learning;
    2. appropriate theory, research and/or practice;
    3. methods of presentation to be used in the seminar (e.g PowerPoint);
    4. short description of how the topic aligns with the mission and values of the COESP.
  5. Elements of Engagement (max 150 words) – how will your seminar encourage participant engagement and interaction (e.g discussion, video, group activities, etc.)?
  6. References (up to 4, APA format)

The Qualtrics application is due by August 31, 2020 at 4 pm

The faculty and staff on the COESP steering committee will review all applications using the evaluation criteria shown in the attached pdf.  Questions should be directed to

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